The Greatest Call

I got a phone call recently and it blew me away. Not just because it was a potentially large client asking for my services. It was also about the context of the call that continues to make a lasting impression on me, even as I write this.

Six months ago, I got a WhatsApp from a family member suggesting I listen to a specific ten-minute daily Bitachon class. Bitachon is Hebrew for reliance. This class, given by Michael Safdi, a high-end watch dealer of Patek Philippe watches and timepieces in Manhattan, is about simple reliance on God. The essence of this class is working on not being reliant on anyone. This includes us too. Instead, the objective is to focus our energy on being reliant on just God, Himself, and feeling calm in the process.

I was hooked after just one class so I joined the WhatsApp group. It turns out that there are thousands of others just like me that subscribe. After two months of listening daily, I decided to implement a subtle change. I wouldn’t step into the office until I dedicated a few minutes of my morning to listening to this class. It was my way of taking a small step to recognize that although I deal with people daily, and rely on them too for my success, the real source of my accomplishments is not from the person in front of me.

A day this past September, found me grossly involved in my work. I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t yet listened to Michael’s class. In the middle of answering client emails, I closed my computer and silenced my phone. I didn’t hesitate to start this quick class. It’s also extra quick as I listen on two times speed. I closed my eyes and internalized every word. When those quick few minutes were up, I still required another two minutes to feel what I had just listened to. I took the liberty.

In those two minutes, I received a missed call without a voicemail. I don’t usually call back missed calls from numbers I don’t recognize if they don’t leave a message. If it was truly important, they would have left me a message. I called the Alabama number back anyway for some reason. I was in for a surprise. It was a large company that somehow got my number and wanted to use my services. They weren’t shopping around. They had already decided on it from a referral and simply wanted to get started with the necessary paperwork.

During my workdays, I take an hour and essentially cold-call businesses that I think would be a good fit for the services that I offer. I can spend weeks and even months without those cold calls producing an actual sale. But here I was, taking seven minutes out of the middle of my busy day to align my brain and recognize that all my successes were from God and not me. It was during that exact time that a company whose vertical I’ve been after for quite a while called me out of the blue. What a message of humility I had received. I didn’t even need to pick up the phone.

This prospect ended up being a very complicated one indeed. Large clients usually are. There were many facets to their organization. All had to be addressed and organized properly for our bank to approve them. Just a few weeks ago, after picking apart their financials, I finally got them approved. They are now a new client. I’m here to remember that it’s not me who gets the credit. The only credit I deserve is for showing up.

My message to all of us in business is a simple one. I give business advice weekly while sharing what I believe are winning combinations for business success. However, when dealing with any issue at hand, whether it’s looking to bring on new clients, dealing with current customer issues, or scaling what we’re currently doing to new heights, might all seem larger than us. It is! But it’s not larger than God. He’s the one who created the situation for us in the first place. He’s also the One who’s taking care of it for us. So, relax and recognize that you’re in the best of hands. That’s the real recipe for success.

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